Cathy Tysver
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The purpose of this guide is to provide answers and expectations during this time of distance learning.  We hope to provide students with the opportunity to continue learning and provide some normalcy during this unprecedented time.  This situation continually changing, so updated information may be provided when information is given to the district. 


High School students are encouraged to participate in these learning activities, whether online or in packet/worksheet form.  

Students should expect to spend 3 hours per day on their schoolwork, approximately thirty minutes per class. Some students may complete their work in less time, some students may need additional time. 

Teachers will inform students when the assignments are due, both online versions and hardcopies.  Students/parents will need to check either Google Classroom or the specific teacher’s website to see what the specific expectations are.  

Getting schoolwork or supplies from the school: 

Students that need to get their personal belongings from the school will need to email the high school secretaries, kturner@inola.k12.ok.us or djones@inola.k12.ok.us.  They will be able to retrieve the students belongings and bring them to the front of the school, where the student can pick them up.  Students are not allowed to be in the building at this time. 

If a student needs to pick up schoolwork (packets/worksheets) for a specific class, they will need to contact the teacher to determine a time that works for both the student and teacher.  Specific teachers may have set times that they are handing out material, but they will also provide a copy to the high school office.  

All pick ups will take place by the front door of the school (outside the office).  

Communicating with teachers: 

Teachers will be required to have 3 office hours per day. Students can call them during that to get help with schoolwork.  Many teachers are also available through Zoom and email.  Office Hours will be posted on each teacher’s website.  

Teachers will also be available through appointment, but students are encouraged to use the office hours.  

Returning work: 

Virtual work will be submitted online and packets can be turned into boxes by the front door of the school during office hours. Please make sure that students put their name and the teacher’s name on their work so it can be delivered to the correct teacher.  


As stated above, students are encouraged to complete any work that the teachers provide. If something is too difficult to understand, all teachers are willing to work with the student. Communication between the student and teacher is vital to this process. Please make sure to make frequent contact with the teacher, especially if a concept is causing difficulty.  This is a time for students to learn concepts that will help them in future classes.  Teachers will be adding grades to Wengage, so students will be able to keep track of their progress.   


 Mrs. Harris will be emailing students individually during the weeks of April 7th and April 14th regarding the pre-enrollment and course selection process for the next school year. Please have students check their school email for this information.  Her email is sharris@inola.k12.ok.us.


If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact Paul Gruenberg pgruenberg@inola.k12.ok.us or Heather Ellis hellis@inola.k12.ok.us