Cathy Tysver
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The purpose of this guide is to provide answers and expectations during this time of distance learning.  We hope to provide students with the opportunity to continue their educational process and provide some stability, to not only our students, but their families as well.




Middle School students will be expected to complete all assignments given by their teachers through paper packets, through digital learning, or a blend of both.


Students in grades 5th thru 8th should expect to spend 30 minutes per subject, for a total of 3 hours per day.  Some students will need additional time and some will not need the allotted time.


Parents will need to actively monitor student progress and check on Mondays for the following week’s lesson plan provided by the teachers.  This information will be located on the teacher’s website under lesson plan calendar.


Device, Supply & Packet Pick-up:


We will have a time and schedule for those students that are in need of a Chromebook at a time yet to be determined.


Students that need to get their personal belongings from the school will need to email the MS secretaries, abullard@inola.k12.ok.us or kmizera@inola.k12.ok.us.  They can also be contacted at 918-543-2434.  They will be able to retrieve the students belongings and bring them to the front of the school, where the student can pick them up.  Students or parents are NOT allowed in the building at this time.


Students work will be located on the specific teacher’s website, or Google Classroom.  Those students that are in need of packets/worksheets will need to coordinate a time for pick up outside the MS Office.  Teachers will also provide a copy of the assignments to the secretaries in the MS office.  Again, this will be pick up outside only, no parent or student is allowed in the building at this time.


Special Education/504 Students:


These students will hear directly from the specific teacher in charge of their Individualized Education Program or 504.  If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Mootry at tmootry@inola.k12.ok.us or leave a message at 918-543-3104 and she will return your call.  All special education and Section 504 services and accommodations will be provided to the most reasonable and appropriate extent possible given the current circumstances.


How to Communicate with My Child’s Teacher(s):


Teachers will provide specific communication information on their website.  Teachers will be required to have 3 office hours per day.  During that time, any student who has a question, can call their teacher to help with any schoolwork.


Communication will take place via: telephone, email, or Zoom.


How to Return Completed Work:


Work done virtually will be submitted online, packets/worksheets can be turned into boxes by the front door of the MS office during regular office hours.  Please do not turn in assignments over the weekend.  As in a typical classroom setting, students must put their name and the teachers name on ALL assignments, so that they can be sent to the correct teacher for grading.




Academic expectation and integrity remain in force and 2 grades per week are expected per core class.  Students are encouraged to complete all assignments.  If any assignment is too difficult, the student is asked to contact the teacher and the teacher will work with the student.  Teachers will still be adding grades to Wengage and we recommend parents check grades regularly. 


Contact Information


Inola Middle School - (918) 543-2434


            Principal - Jeff Unrau - junrau@inola.k12.ok.us  918-798-3776


            Assistant Principal - Patrick Mullen - pmullen@inola.k12.ok.us  918-697-6781


Inola Public Schools - (918) 543-2255


            Superintendent - Dr. Kent Holbrook - kholbrook@inola.k12.ok.us


            Director of Special Services -  Tracy Mootry - tmootry@inola.k12.ok.us