Dr. Kent Holbrook
Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Seniors—this is to let you know that nothing has been decided about Graduation yet. We’re meeting this week to try to decide which direction to go.


Many of you know that the State Dept. of Education has suggested that schools hold virtual graduations since large group gatherings are not allowed.  At Inola, we are open to rescheduling the Graduation, but please understand that this comes with its own set of problems.  First among those problems is that we aren’t sure when the prohibition against those large group gatherings will be dropped, so it’s hard to schedule a solid date.


Please be aware, no matter which decision we make, there is no way to make this work for everyone.  We have students signed up for the military and many of them report for Basic Training in late May so they’ll miss a rescheduled Graduation.  Also, no matter what date we now reschedule it to, there will be people who can’t make it (vacations are already scheduled, some students will have work commitments, or have already started their college or trade schools, etc.). 


As to where we could hold it, I had a few parents email me requesting we use the football field and this may be the only option.  It would solve the problem of trying to reserve a facility, and would be easier to reschedule if we find we still can’t gather in large groups on the date we choose.  I just want you to be aware there are other issues with holding it on the field besides getting rained out.  Since the earliest date we could schedule will be sometime in June it’ll probably be hot. Our home bleachers face west, so the audience would be looking straight into a setting sun.  We could address that however by holding a morning ceremony.


I’m apologizing in advance—but there is no perfect solution and no perfect date that will work for everyone.  But as best we possibly can, we want to find a way to honor all the hard work you have put into getting to this point in your life.  We want to recognize and reward special achievements many of you have earned.  We hope to get you an answer this week.

Thank you.

Dr. Kent Holbrook