Paul Gruenberg
Friday, April 10, 2020

This is to let you know that we have tentatively scheduled the Graduation Ceremony for Saturday, June 13th, at 10:30 a.m.  We will hold it on our Football Field. 


Obviously, this date is subject to change based on guidance about large group gatherings from the CDC and the State of Oklahoma.  But we are hopeful we will see you all then. 


We’ll be sending you more information as soon as it becomes available. 


Several of you have called and asked when you will be able to pick up your transcripts and diplomas.  We will have those ready in mid to late May, as soon as we get the final scores for our Career Tech Students and our Concurrent Enrollment students. 


Finally, for our students joining the Military.  The State Dept. of Ed. has given schools the right to let you graduate right now if you want to go ahead and start your Military career.  As long as we can confirm you are signed up (and you have met all your graduation requirements) we’ll complete your transcript showing that you have graduated.  The actual diploma will be mailed later. 


I hope to see everyone June 13th at 10:30


Thank you