Inola Students Visit NASA

Three Inola High School students had the opportunity to visit NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston this past summer.  Abigael Cravens, Jonathan Menzel and Caden Thomas are all current IHS seniors. Northeastern University’s Educational Talent Search selected students from across the state to visit the Houston campus.

During this week-long camp, students heard from a NASA astrophysicist (whose current project is updating commodes on the International Space Station). Astronaut Ken Cameron spoke about his time in space as well as what led him to pursue his profession.

Additional activities included exploring STEM concepts through experiential activities, having the chance to design a Mars habitat, build and launch their own rockets and create cryogenic and thermal protective tiles that were tested with liquid hydrogen and heat torches.  Furthermore, students participated in a SCUBA diving portion to closely simulate what gravity would feel like in space.

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